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It will take a group of organized, dedicated, certified BigFoot Emergency Medical Technicians to rescue a BigFoot.


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Trained and certified BFRL volunteers, BFEMTs, are the backbone of our operation and essential foundation required to execute the master rescue plan. A BFEMT may be called on in a moments notice to provide hands-on assistance in calming and reporting an injured BigFoot. As a BFEMT you are the front line of our species protection program. Your service can save a life.

Squad Leader

What is a BFEMT without a leader? Squad leaders help direct BFEMTs in their region during an active rescue. As a Squad Leader, you will arrive at the rescue site and report to the rescue commander, and await your assignment. Reporting may include accurately detailing your squads' skill sets, which may include repelling, horseback riding, or scuba diving. Squad leaders will also need to report the equipment they have readily available such as ATVs, winching gear, drones, trailers, or any other gear that may be effective in helping to rescue a BigFoot.

Rescue Commander

Just like BFEMTs, Squad Leaders need directives as well. Enter the Rescue Commander. As a Rescue Commander, you will arrive at the rescue site and quickly gather information to form the rescue plan. Once the plan is complete, Commanders will assign each Squad Leader their part of the BigFoot rescue plan to be executed by their team of BFEMTs.

Public Information Officer

The PIO is a dedicated awareness specialist. Our most viable solution in saving a downed BigFoot is mass public understanding and recognition. As a PIO you are responsible for growing the name of the BFRL and recruiting potential BFEMTs by informing local authorities, outdoor groups, and the general public on who we are, what we do, and why it’s important.