About BFRL

The BFRL Origin Story

The BigFoot Rescue League was founded by a man named E. E. Claremont. When he was a young man, E. E. was prospecting in the Pacific Northwest when his pack mule got spooked and ran off with all his supplies. E. E. found himself stranded and lost in the wilderness. After weeks of wandering, he had lost all strength and hope when suddenly he felt himself being lifted from the ground. In his exhausted state, he could only catch blurry glimpses of his hero. He felt dwarfed in the arms of this gentle, furry giant. Days later, when E. E. regained consciousness in the back of a logging truck, he realized that his life had been saved, and he vowed to return the favor if he ever got the opportunity. Driven by his appreciation, he became a successful businessman, and he established the BigFoot Rescue League.

Sadly, E. E. Claremont passed away without getting the chance to fulfill his vow, but his devotion to the cause lives on. As his son, I am determined to carry out the wishes of my beloved father. My goal is to take the BigFoot Rescue League to new levels, but to do that, I need your help. My father’s generosity has ensured that the BFRL can continue to function for decades more, but what we need now is to build a wide network of trained BigFoot EMTs. We must be prepared to rescue BigFoot if given the chance, and together, we can fulfill my father’s dream of saving BigFoot’s life. - W.E Claremont

Our Organization Today

The BigFoot Rescue League is a volunteer group organized to rescue a sick or injured BigFoot. Our volunteers are trained in basic BigFoot first aid and develop skills like teamwork, social interaction, and inclusion. We encourage an active outdoor lifestyle, and we strive to be healthy, fun and environmentally friendly. These traits are ideal for life and for an optimal BigFoot rescue as well. We are family-friendly, and we do not affiliate with any political view, religious view, or social organization.

We have rescued 0 BigFoot to date, and we do not anticipate that a rescue would be a common occurrence, but we must be prepared when the rare opportunity presents itself. Our critics may say “there is no BigFoot” and they are entitled to that opinion. We say there is no harm in being prepared just in case.

Hospital & Sanctuary

From the mobile hospital to the specially adapted medical clinic we are equipped and prepared for most anticipated medical emergencies, injuries and illnesses.

Our Resources

Our fleet of vehicles are ready to facilitate a rescue at a moments notice.