Our Resources

We have rescued 0 BigFoot to date, and we do not anticipate that a rescue would be a common occurrence, but we must be prepared when the rare opportunity presents itself. Our critics may say “there is no BigFoot” and they are entitled to that opinion. We say there is no harm in being prepared just in case.


When the code red alarm sounds, our fleet of 4x4’s lead the land operation and don’t hesitate to shred earth while executing the master rescue plan.


Skimming across vast bodies of water in rapid fashion towards an emergency is no problem for our sea units. There isn’t a BigFoot environment we can’t rescue in.


Breaking new limits of low altitude, this life flight helicopter can reach even the most treacherous terrain to help a BigFoot in need.

Leer Jet

Significant for the quickest needs regarding a downed BigFoot. This Jet is fully suited to fly and treat within minutes of an emergency.

Medical Transport

An absolute must in any BigFoot aide mission, this oversized medical transport ensures comfortable travel and care from the zone of recovery to the BFRL Hospital.

Jumbo Jet

Ready for immediate flight to the latest verified injured BigFoot. Fully equipped for a mass BigFoot encounter.