BigFoot Rescue League

heli landing

Anyone can recover a deceased Bigfoot, but together, we can recover a live creature, rehab it, and share it with humanity. We must be prepared and organized if given the opportunity.

– Will Kolley, Founder




We understand that it will take a group effort of organized, prepared, dedicated and certified BIGFOOT EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIANS with a continent wide network of responders.

Certified BFEMT’s are needed in your area. Please take the time to join.

Regardless of age or a physical ability a volunteer can serve as a rescue coordinator or medical escort. They are also needed for public appearances and the organization of awareness programs.

Once you take the online Bigfoot First Aide Class and pass the exam you will become a Certified BFEMT.

With jets, helicopters and local EMT’s as part of our network of Emergency Responders, BFRL is On Call Anytime, Anywhere.

We urge you to become part of this mission by completing an online course today, become a Certified BFEMT and be there to respond to a regional Bigfoot Emergency. If you love Bigfoot and would like to join in our efforts in preserving the species please get involved.



Continent-wide we have a network of regional air-ambulance helicopters and jets to transport a wounded Bigfoot. You, as a BFEMT, are to calm, stabilize and transport the Bigfoot to our fully equipped medical facility.

1 ) A nationwide network of trained BFEMT’s will respond to a Bigfoot medical situation. If you or anyone you know encounters a sick or injured Bigfoot, leave the area and notify the BIGFOOT RESCUE LEAGUE by email! Please spread the word!

2 ) Local first responders will be notified of a Bigfoot emergency in their area by email including where to meet and who to report to.

3 ) Once you or another BFEMT has assessed the situation, simply notify our headquarters by email and help is on its way!

Our capabilities include all terrain extractions from most areas in the continental US with an ETA of 60 minutes or less.

The Bigfoot will be transported to a local airport where a Bigfoot equipped Med-Jet will be waiting.

The Foot Force One

Ready for immediate flight to the latest verified injured Bigfoot. Fully equipped for a mass Bigfoot encounter.

The Bigfoot Jet

Significant for the quickest needs regarding a downed Bigfoot. This Jet is fully suited to fly and treat within minutes of an emergency.

The BFRL Watch Chopper


For quick in and out rescue missions. Large enough to transport an entire family of Sasquatch.

The BF-Life Flight


Breaking new limits of low altitude, this life flight helicopter can reach even the most treacherous terrain to help a Bigfoot in need.

All air and sea ambulances are contracted human medical transport services . 



The Bigfoot will receive basic mammalian first aide from the time of extraction until its arrival at the mobile hospital and containment facility where the rehabilitation begins.

From the mobile hospital to the specially adapted medical clinic we are equipped and prepared for most anticipated medical emergencies, injuries and illnesses.

BFRL supports a fully functional surgical facility, lab and highly specialized trained medical staff.

Once recovery has begun we can celebrate! We have rescued a Bigfoot!

When the Bigfoot is healthy enough to venture outdoors, the calming meadows and babbling streams of the Bigfoot sanctuary awaits. 160 acres of secluded, quiet, and secure habitat awaits the recovering Bigfoot. When the Bigfoot is healthy enough to return to its original find site, it will be released there. If it is handicapped or needs special attention, it can live out its days on the sanctuary. As a BFRL member you’ll be asked to be involved in the entire process of caring for the Bigfoot from injury to recovery.





You can start your training now by getting fit. Encourage friends to join you in the effort!

Note: always consult with your physician before beginning any exercise routine.


  1. Warm Up – 2 Mile Walk
  2. Squat to 90 degrees and stand up x10
  3. While sitting, breathe out all of your air and slowly refill your lungs to maximum capacity and repeat x10 Remain seated for 10 minutes and meditate on how you may assist in a rescue or your favorite subject.
  4. Rest 10 minutes
  5. Do close up exercises such a threading a needle and removing quills.
  6. Rest 10 minutes
  7. Exercise your mind with games and puzzles. A sharp mind is your best tool when rescuing a Bigfoot.


Please reach out to the hunters in your area and ask them to please not shoot Bigfoot. Bigfoot, presumably, have emotions and fears as many primates, and would likely suffer loss and grief. If you must shoot, shoot to wound and contact 911 immediately.

A sky view of one of our Bigfoot emergency centers



Utilizing state of the art technology, we have learned how to treat a Bigfoot when found.

We can contract most  locations within 1 hours notice to provide the most timely medical services available .

BFRL Headquarters locations


Across the globe we can contract fully functional Bigfoot emergency service centers. The highlighted pins are some of our locations in North America.

Please become a certified BFEMT and first responder, needed in all regions of the country, Mexico, and Canada.


The BigFoot Rescue League is an organization of volunteers that coordinate the North American effort to provide emergency medical services for all Bigfoot. Please take the time to become certified and proudly wear the uniform. Also, please inform your local citizens and outdoorsmen that you are to be contacted if an injured Bigfoot is found.

Disclaimer: All pictures are dramatizations of real assets available for Bigfoot rescue.